• Call for Cooperation

Call for Cooperation

AMEE2021 (webinar) will be held online during December 18th-19th, 2021. It provides an opportunity for both young and established researchers to present research papers reporting innovative research results in advanced materials and environment science. With your extensive expertise and knowledge, we sincerely hope that you will be able to join us.

  • Benefits for Conference Committee include: 

  • 1. Certificate as Conference Technical Program Committee/Reviewer (excellent review reports will be awarded as annual outstanding reviewer);

  • 2. The waiver of registration fee for attendance and discount on submission fee (selected);

  • 3. Invited as Speaker/Keynote Speaker of the conference;

  • 4. Active members will be recommend to join as strategic advisory committee of the academic platform;

  • 5. Recommended as guest editors of jointed special issue of SCI journals;

  • 6. List as conference committee on conference proceedings and website.

  • Responsibilities for Conference Committee include:

  • 1. Invite research frontiers from this community as speakers, committee or attendees;

  • 2. Publicize and promote the conference through academic network or activities at home and abroad;

  • 3. Review 2-3 papers or recommend potential reviewers in this field;

  • 4. Participate in applying for special issue of SCI journal or call for conference;

  • 5. Call for conference cooperation: help us get contact with your institute or association;

  • 6. If possible, contribute to SCI/EI journals of the conference.

  • The term for the Editorial Board position is one year and can be renewed annually.

If interested, please send us your official CV (editor_zhen@easyace.cn or ameeconfer@163.com), together with your basic information (name, title, affiliation and research interest). 

  • For further information, please feel free to contact us.

Submission E-mailameeconfer@163.com; contact@ameeconf.com; icamee2019@163.com
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