• Topics of Interests

Topics of Interests

  • Topics include (but not limited to):

Topic 1. Advanced Materials

Nanotechnology and Materials

Semi-conductor Materials

Magnetic Materials

Electronic Materials

Microelectronic Materials

Organic Material

Advanced Textile Materials

New Functional materials

Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems

Materials Physics /Chemistry

Biological medical materials

Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials 

Modeling and Simulation of Materials and Devices

  • Topic 2. Materials Science and Engineering

Metallic Alloys

Superplastic Materials


Amorphous Materials


Multifunctional Materials

Engineering Polymers

Functional Materials

Nuclear Fuel Materials

Structured Materials

Aerospace Materials

  • Topic 3. Materials Processing and Forming

New Energy Materials

Absorption Materials

Optical Material

Elastic Properties

Surface Engineering/Coatings

Amorphous and Crystalline Materials

Conductivity of Materials

Research and Development of New Materials

Diffusion Bonding of Materials

Dynamic Analysis of Processing

Laser Processing Technology

Industrial Materials and Manufacturing

Biomaterials and Biomedical Materials

  • Topic 4. Ecological Environment

Environmental Materials

Environmental Science and Engineering

Climate and Climatic Changes

Environmental Protection

Global Warming

Freshwater Ecology

Pollution Control

Noise and Vibration Control

Ecosystems Management

Recycling and Reuse

Aquatic Ecosystems

Marine Ecology

Emission Sources

Sustainable & Clean Technologies

Industrial Wastewater Treatment